Brian Singer
PhD Candidate
Carnegie Mellon University

About Me

I am a third year ECE PhD candidate at CMU advised by Lujo Bauer and Vyas Sekar. I am part of CyLab, CMU's security and privacy institute. I have a passion for securing computer systems. I am particularly interested in power grid and network cybersecurity. During my undergraduate degree at Georgia Tech, I worked with Brendan Saltaformaggio implementing large scale analysis of malware in content management systems. Additionally, I interned at Praetorian conducting application and network security audits.


Shedding Light on Inconsistencies in Grid Cybersecurity: Disconnects and Recommendations

B. Singer, A. Pandey, S. Li, L. Bauer, C. Miller, L. Pileggi, and V. Sekar. IEEE S&P 2023. To appear.


email: briansin {at} andrew {dot} cmu {dot} edu
physical: CIC 2223G